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Original Artwork for Sale

Click on the images for a larger view.


Standard Bearer

Mixed media on canvas
Unframed 60cm x 80cm



Oil on canvas
Framed Size 87cm x 50cm


The Squabble

Oil on canvas
Unframed 60cm x 60cm


A Moment

Framed oil on board
Image size 2ft x 4ft (24″ x48″)



Oil on canvas
Unframed 50cm x 70cm


The Silver Fawn

Oil on canvas board
Unframed 40cm x 40cm


Elipse 2

Oil on canvas – Image size 40cm x 40cm
(Framed size 46cm x 46cm)


The Athletes

Oil on canvas
Size: 120cm x 80cm


Henwood Hounds

Oil on canvas
Unframed 80cm x 80cm



Oil on board
Image size 110cm x 130cm


Summer Days

Oil on board – Framed
Size 130cm x 35cm 

Call for Price

Hounds Please!

Oil on canvas
Size 80cm x 80cm



Oil on Canvas – Unframed
Image size 50cm x 50cm



Oil on canvas
Call for image size



Original oil on canvas
Image size 100cm x 120cm



Oil on canvas – Framed
Size 115cm x 96cm


Stand by Me

Oil on canvas – Unframed
Image size 120cm x 100cm


Elipse 1

Oil on canvas – Image size 40cm x 40cm
(Framed 46cm x 46cm )